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Achieve Beautiful, Bright, Glowing Skin

Eminence Skin Solution at The Spa at RiverStone

No makeup?  No problem.  A naturally luminous, even complexion is yours with the new Bright Skin Solution for Hyperpigmentation with Natural Hydroquinone Alternative from Eminence Organic Skincare.  Hyperpigmentaion is a universal skin concern.  Even if you’ve never had a blemish in your life or have smoother skin than a baby, the majority of us will deal with some kind of uneven pigmentation in our lives.

An increase in melanin production or activity is sure to result in small deposits in the dermis and epidermis at some point.  It could be post-inflammatory pigmentation from an injury to the skin such as acne scars, dark spots related to UV exposure or aging skin, melisma caused by hormone fluctuations, or more.

Finally, we have a natural, safe solution for Hyperpigmentation with our new Bright Skin from Eminence Organic Skincare.  The daily regimen includes a nourishing milk cleanser to brighten and soften the skin while infusing with pigment lightening properties, a masque to deeply treat and target dark spots, and daily moisturizer with SPF 30 that will fade hyperpigmentation while preventing further damage and new pigmentation.

Combine these amazing products with an Eminence Organic Bright Skin Facial from The Spa at RiverStone and get incredible results in just 3 months!