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Stretch Out and Relax in Condos & Log Cabins in Pigeon Forge

RiverStone Resort Awaits You


One Bedroom Condo

Beds: 1 Room Size: 616 square feet

Perfect for couples or small families, this luxurious one-bedroom condominium measures 616 square-feet

One Bedroom - King River Condo

Beds: 1 Room Size: 688 square-feet

With more room to relax, the larger one-bedroom King/River Condo offers 688 square-feet to stretch out in style.

One Bedroom - Queen/River Condo

Beds: 2 Room Size: 688 View: River View

688 square-feet of space and a large balcony with scenic views of the Little Pigeon River make this an excellent condo option for families.

Two Bedroom Condo

Beds: 2 Occupancy: 6 Room Size: 1353 sq. ft.

Perfect for larger groups or families, our spacious two-bedroom condominium measures an expansive 1353 square-feet.

Two Bedroom - Twin Condo

Beds: 3 Occupancy: 6

Identical to the standard two-bedroom condo with more flexible sleeping arrangements, the two-bedroom/twin is ideal for families with children.

Two Bedroom - Queen/River Condo

Beds: 3 Occupancy: 8 Room Size: 1347 sq. ft. View: River View

Two bedrooms and river views, the luxurious Queen/River Condo measures 1347 square-feet, in addition to a 170 square feet private balcony that overlooks the Little Pigeon River.

Three Bedroom Condo

Beds: 3 Occupancy: 8 Room Size: 1444 sq. ft.

Great for families or groups seeking more space, our three-bedroom condominium is 1444 square feet.

Three Bedroom Twin Condo

Beds: 4 Occupancy: 8 Room Size: 1444 sq. ft.

Our three-bedroom Twin Condo layout is identical to our 3-bedroom condominium, but offers more flexible sleeping arrangements, totaling 1444 square-feet, with an additional private balcony.

Four Bedroom Condo

Beds: 4 Occupancy: 10 Room Size: 1938 sq. ft.

Perfect for larger families or groups, our largest layout measures a luxurious 1938 square-feet with an additional 170 square-foot balcony.

Four Bedroom Twin Condo

Beds: 5 Occupancy: 10 Room Size: 1938 sq. ft.

Our largest layout, with flexible sleeping arrangements, the four-bedroom condominium offers 1938 spacious square-feet.

Log Cabin

Beds: 2 Occupancy: 4

Relish the warm wood tones and decor, unwind on the expansive wrap-around porch overlooking the Little Pigeon River, or stretch out in the sprawling living space of our finely appointed log cabins.